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Sreela Das Gupta is a Diversity Specialist and currently the Lead for Disability and Neurodiversity at TATA Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd.  

With an MPhil in Population Studies, from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), India, Sreela has worked for over two decades in the development sector, focusing on human rights issues related to gender, social inclusion and public health. Sreela has worked both with rural poor communities as well as with international agencies including CARE, International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW), USAID, UN Women and Centre for Policy Research.  She has equal experience in research, program implementation and policy formulation. 

Sreela was also a Hubert H. Humphrey Fulbright Fellow in 2000-01 -- a mid career fellowship funded by the US Congress. Sreela went to the Tulane School of Public Health for her focus area of study on Gender and Public Health.  

In her current role, she focuses on building an ecosystem inclusive of all diversities, on development of employee resource groups and career growth prospects for employees with disabilities. 

She is strategically engaged with the ILO (International Labour Organization), CII (Confederation of Indian Industries, and Government of India for addressing diversity issues at Global and National levels. 

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