Human & Social Sustainability

Sustainability is the ability to


Conscious Development establishes new

mental models

to create


through our work in


Leadership is the ability to create and sustain the conditions for people and the organisation as a whole to thrive

Culture, Diversity & Belongingness

Diversity is a secret tool, accessible to all, capable of transforming everything in its ecosystem.


Our wellbeing influences several aspects of our lives- our role at home, at work, in our community and a larger consciousness with which we act like global citizens.


Coaching, in its truest essence, is about facilitating intentional change from wherever people find themselves to where they want to go.

Aimed at the Preservation of what works & the Development of what is needed to Flourish

Our practicing philosophies, values, schools of thought, methods of application, intentionality of communication and culture of work & collaboration are aimed at creating Human & Social Sustainability, therefore characterised by:


  • Pro-active change

  • Inclusive change methodology

  • Intrinsically inspired to change

  • Results in self-reliance &

  • awareness of interconnectedness

  • Strength of collaboration

  • Motivated by "good for all"

  • WeQ- keeping in mind the entire ecosystem

  • Scalable- both in short & long-term

  • Iteratively evolving

  • Deep Democracy

  • Circular & constant

Contributing to the planet in the manner listed above creates Psychological Sustainability that can lead to long term collective action to create Human, Social, Economic & Environmental Sustainability.

we work towards

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