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Ananya Mishra  
Design Lead 

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Ananya holds a degree in Information Arts and Information Design practices from Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology. She has worked at organisations such as Gramener, Aseema Foundation, Ogilvy Pennywise as well as done projects with FICCI, Museum of Solutions and SkillaNation. 


She is devoted to telling compelling narratives backed by data through her designs and illustrations. Most of her work revolves around social and environmental sustainability. 


When she is not buried in her projects, you may find her baking or making books and zines for children. 

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Anita Vasudeva 


Conscious Development Senior Faculty


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Anita’s vision rests on the belief that life is and can be joyous, that there is power in the Self and the Community, and that we all have the ability to transform our own lives, our work, our world and our responses to be that joy, with awareness, clarity and authenticity. 

A Leadership and Executive Coach and Consultant with a focus on Conscious Leadership, Systemic Change, Personal Growth and Awareness, Culture, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Communication. Deeply empathetic and with a keen understanding of the multiple aspirations of all stakeholders, Anita has been a value-building partner, enhancing individual, cultural and organizational potential.

Anita has over four decades of work experience. After 16 years in the corporate tourism industry, she turned to being an entrepreneur who founded the first travel portal in India, set up a business consulting firm, and founded one of the first enabling platforms for women in India creating  work flexibility and diversity.  She co-founded The Foundation for Working Women addressing gender challenges at work, and has been an Advisory member to various social change organizations.  A writer and editor as well, Anita has dedicated herself to coaching and creating conscious empowerment and empowerment for the past decade. 

A certified Coach from Erickson International Coaching, Anita has over 1500 hours of coaching experience with business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, individuals, groups and teams. She is also an advanced practitioner in PACT (Polarity Approach to Continuity & Transformation). She has completed varied coaching, learning and development programs and modules that support her work. An English Literature major from Lady Sri Ram College, New Delhi with a Social Communications post-graduate from Mumbai University, Anita is currently based in New Delhi.

Anita continues to be a student of philosophy and spiritual study. Her other interests are theatre, art, language and media. 


Barry Johnson 


Senior Visiting Faculty


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In 1975, Barry created the first Polarity Map® and set of principles. 


Barry has worked with: Business and Industry – Amoco, GM, Intel of Ireland, Cargill, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Natura of Brazil, SASOL of South Africa; Government – International Atomic Energy Agency, US Department of Defense, UK National Health Service, Provincial Government of Alberta, Northwest Department of Health and National Treasury Republic of South Africa, Charleston Police Department and City of Charleston. Education – Notre Dame, Learning Innovations Lab (LILA) at Harvard, University of Cape Town in South Africa; Not-for-profit – Bread for the World, EcoSocial in Brazil, Southridge Shelter in Ontario. 


He is an avid outdoorsman and intrepid traveler, and brings head and heart together in his teaching and consulting. Barry and his wife, Dana, have 5 children and 11 grandchildren.

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Bosco D'mello 

Conscious Development Founder,

Lead: Organizational Development & Leadership, Executive Coach 

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Bosco established ConsciousDevelopment TM with a singular purpose:enable individuals to bridge the gap between who they are and who they can be.

Since then, he has been a partner to leadership across the USA, India and Singapore in Leadership Capital Development, Diversity & Culture and Executive Coaching. He supports the vertical development of leaders through initiatives that integrate inner and outer life, connect them to their potential, and elevate how they think and work.

Bosco’s journey spans across 30 years in Marketing, Business Strategy, Program Design and Coaching. He has held leadership positions in Financial Services, Education, Media & Communication and Retail sectors. His clients include consumer durables & appliances, engineering, logistics, financial services and IT firms.

Bosco holds a Master’s degree in Positive Organization Development & Change from Case Western Reserve University (USA) and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Statistics. He has studied Science of Coaching Psychology at Harvard University and is an ICF-accredited Coach with over 5000 hours of coaching. He is certified in Design Thinking from MIT Sloan, Appreciative Inquiry from Case Western Reserve University and is an Advanced Practitioner in the Polarity Approach for Continuity & TransformationTM.

Bosco supplements his professional commitments with his passion – Teaching. He serves as visiting faculty at a number of institutions including TISS and SP Jain School of Global Management.


Cliff Kayser 


Senior Visiting Faculty

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Cliff brings over 22 years of experience in organization development, leadership coaching, and training to his role of Vice President, Mastery and Coaching Programs at Polarity Partnerships, USA. He conducts training in Polarity Coaching for the Advanced Coaching Certificate Program

at the Mason Center for the Advancement of Well Being, Washington DC, and Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Ohio. He is also on the faculty of the American University’s Masters in Organization Development program. He has experience leading system-wide change processes and leadership development initiatives a variety of public, private and not-for-profit organizations. Prior to joining Polarity Partnerships, Cliff was President and Founder of Xperience, LLC, a boutique Organization Development, Coaching, and Training firm run by his sister, Lori Mishos.


Cliff’s experience also includes positions as VP of Organization Development and Training for the National Cooperative Bank, Senior Organization Development Consultant for The Washington Post Newspaper, and Corporate Manager of Human Resources, Training and Web Development for The Washington Post Company.

Cliff holds a Bachelor’s degree from Lenoir-Rhyne University, and Master’s degrees in both Organization Development and Human Resources from American University. He is certified in a variety of individual, team and organizational assessments. Cliff serves as Dean for the 2-year Mastery in Polarity Thinking program. He conducts polarity-focused trainings: Foundations and Advanced PACT (Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation) from Kayser Ridge - his retreat center in Berkeley Springs, Virginia. Cliff lives in Washington, DC where he runs, rides, swims, studies eastern  philosophy, and regularly practices Tai Chi/yoga


Howard Ross 


Senior Visiting Faculty 

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Howard Ross is lifelong social justice advocate, and is considered one of the world’s seminal thought leaders on identifying and addressing unconscious bias.  Howard has delivered programs in 47 states and over 40 other countries to audiences including Fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities, and major institutions within healthcare, government, and non-profit sectors. He authored the Washington Post best seller, Everyday Bias:  Identifying and Navigating Unconscious Judgments in Our Daily Lives, ReInventing Diversity: Transforming Organizational Community to Strengthen People, Purpose and Performance.  His latest book, Our Search for Belonging: How the Need for Connection Is Tearing Our Culture Apart, published by Berrett-Koehler in 2018, received the Nautilus Gold Medal for Social Change and Social Justice. The updated edition of Everyday Bias Identifying and Navigating Unconscious Judgments in Our Daily Lives was published in July 2020. 


Howard founded Cook Ross Inc., one of the nation’s leading Diversity and Inclusion consultancies.  He sold the company in July 2018 and founded Udarta Consulting, LLC. 


Margo Lydon 


Senior Visiting Faculty 

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Margo has been working in mental health and suicide prevention for 20 years and has been CEO of SuperFriend for 10 years. She has extensive experience in leadership, workplace mental health and wellbeing, business growth and strategic partnerships and systems change. 

Margo holds a Master of Science, Positive Organization Development and Change, Weatherhead Case Western Reserve University and a Bachelor of Business Degree.

Margo represents SuperFriend on a number of nationally recognised strategic alliances in Australia, including: The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration, LeadingWell Queensland Collaboration, and Roses in the Ocean’s Sector Advisory. 

Through Margo’s involvement and influence in the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, Margo Chairs the Stakeholder and Communications working group of the National Workplace Initiative – an $11.5 million investment over four years from the Commonwealth’s Department of Health to create a nationally consistent approach to workplace mental health. 

Margo is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Beta Gamma Sigma. Margo was a finalist in the 2019 Telstra Business Women’s Awards (Victoria) in the “For Purpose and Social Enterprise” category.


Margot Borden 


Senior Visiting Faculty 

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Margot has a unique perception of human nature and consciousness that brings new meaning and depth to individuals and organizations. Over 30 years of research and practice in Integral Psychology, Margot has observed that above and beyond all human drives is the drive for evolving toward living in harmony with our Essence or inner self. This quest is expressed according to each individual’s nature and evolution. When fulfilled, it leads to a greater sense of meaning and congruence in our lives and livelihoods, resulting in a greater vision, understanding and corresponding way of being in the world and the workplace.


Margot works with organizations to re-vision and transform every level of the developmental process from the ground up providing her clients with new concepts, methodologies, strategies and people skills that respond to and nourish our deep, underlying need and desire for evolution. She applies her unique vision and skill set to coaching, consulting, teaching, seminar facilitation, public speaking and psychotherapy practice.​

Margot began her professional practice as a psychotherapist in 1985. Since that time she has trained in extensive Humanistic and Transpersonal techniques and gained her Master of Arts in Humanistic Counseling at University of Durham, UK in 1997. For over 30 years, Margot has been dedicated to personal and professional exploration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of human consciousness. Her search has involved both research and experience of many psychological and spiritual traditions, experiential therapies, coaching techniques as well as Eastern meditation and yoga.

Margot has a rich multicultural perspective. Originally from the USA, she has lived and worked for extended periods in the USA, Europe and India, where she currently resides. Her client base extends to over 15 countries. She speaks fluent French and has a working knowledge of Italian and Hindi. 


Oona Shambhavi 


Creative Coach 

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Oona Shambhavi D’mello’s blended work as a visual artist, organizational development practitioner and agent of social impact is pointed towards leveraging creative practices and conversation in the service of self and others. She is devoted to creating awareness through intentional questioning and expression. 


Oona is the CEO at Conscious Development & the Lead for Organizational Development & Appreciative Inquiry. Conscious Development is a human development organization for business & community impact. Here she works deeply in the space of Diversity & Inclusion, Intergenerational coaching to build internally stronger cultures, with Appreciative language being a key facet in her process. 


She is the Founder of Art for Self-Reliance, a USA based 501(c3).  ASR designs creative solutions and programs for communities using art a tool for healing and inner work. 

Oona is a Beta Gamma Sigma member, a society for business excellence. 


She is a visual artist, represented by Kalpa Fine Arts, NYC, USA. Her passion to create is a path for her own self-discovery, expression and a carefully curated avenue that promotes that ‘art can heal’, first hand. 


The focus of her life is human & social sustainability. 


Peter Whitt 


Senior Visiting Faculty 

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Peter enjoys life, laughter and purpose.

Peter has worked as an independent consulting for the past 10 years as principal of Enlightenment Consulting Group,LLC. His work has supported leaders and teams working in government to higher education. He leverages core principles of Polarity Thinking and Gestalt Theory and other integrated methods to enhance outcomes for individuals, organizations and communities. Peter has advance training and certifications in organizational interventions and coaching through the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. He holds a mastery certification in Polarity Thinking through Polarity Partnerships. Peter is a licensed social worker. Peter has worked with leaders and teams in diverse organization as a consultant.

Prior to consulting, Peter held leadership positions for more than 10 years. This include being the Director of Community Outreach at St. Vincent Charity Hospital addressing health disparities building one of the first Community HealthcareWorker models in a hospital, research and promoting health equity addressing the social determinants of health. Peter continued his work as the the Associate Director for the Center for Health Equity. He eventually led a million dollar research effort centered on academic and community partnership addressing the Healthy Eating/Active Living (HEAL). Over the years Peter has lectured at Cleveland State University on conflict management for the Diversity Management Program. He has also lectured at the School of Social Work and Health Sciences on different subjects.

He enjoyed participating in martial arts and eventually earned the title Maha Guru (Senior Teacher) in the style of KunTao and Silat system lineage of W. Reeders and A. Sikes. He use key principles from his training and teaching art in diverse settings to improve leaders and teams.

Peter leverages a comprehensive approach to enhance the quality and valued relationship with clients to improve results. He strives to be a catalyst for building awareness, capacity and partnership that promotes sustainable impact.


Preeti D'mello 

Head: DEI & LeaD Academy, TCS
Non-Executive Advisor

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Preeti D’mello is an Organizational Psychologist, Leadership Coach and an expert in Positive Organizational Development and Change. She is the Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and the LeaD Academy at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s largest private sector company. 


At TCS, Preeti’s vision and mandate is to create a sustainable culture of Leadership and Diversity. She has inspired the motto, “Inclusion without Exception” and is responsible for the ongoing systemic transformation in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ecosystem at TCS.  She has launched a strategic global initiative on Leadership Development and Systemic Coaching that has been lauded by the Institute of Coaching, Harvard University. 


Prior to TCS, Preeti was the Head of Pearson Learning Solutions and Edexcel for South East Asia. Her career of over 30 years spans several sectors including International Business, Publishing, Social Infrastructure, Education & Training, Lifestyle and Retail. She is an Integral practitioner who brings together Eastern and Western approaches to development and spiritual integration. 


Preeti did her Master’s in Positive Organization Development from Case Western Reserve University and has studied Adult Development and The Science of Coaching Psychology at Harvard University. She is an Advanced Practitioner in the Polarity Approach for Continuity & Transformation, as well as Appreciative Inquiry, Process Work and Emotional Intelligence. She completed her Coach training at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and is a PCC with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Preeti is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Wisdom Studies with a focus on indigenous Leadership Practices, Wellbeing, Neuroscience and Conscious Businesses.


Preeti is the founder of The Gestalt Institute of Asia and is currently the Chair for Gender Diversity at FICCI, a member of the FICCI Diversity Taskforce, along with leading the Greater 50% Gender Initiative with the Ministry of Women & Child Development. Preeti is the Chair - Coaching in Organizations, ICF. 

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Santosh N Jois

Conscious Development Senior Faculty

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OD Consultant, PW Psychotherapy Associate, Executive Coach, Trainer, NLP Certified Master Practitioner, ISO Lead Auditor, 5S Champion, System Thinker, Urban Micro-Gardener, Composter, Butterfly Gardener, and a seeker of truth


Santosh believes and works in designing “Mental Spaces” to enable ecosystem of growth by design. The application of this design is scalable relative to the who the customer is viz. an individual, a team, an organization. 

Santosh’s work journey of 30 years has seen him work in his native country India, globally in London and Hong Kong. He has also been  on a scholarship program to Japan to study quality systems in companies like Toyota, Daikin. He has “on the ground” and “in the tower” experience in the field of Finance, Banking, KPO and Infrastructure industry. The “on the ground” experience has seen him work first hand in process and operations, rising through the ranks to be part of the “in the tower” team in organizations. This combination blends well to give him a panoramic view of organization systems. Pollinating these experiences gathered over two decades plus, has helped him develop a deeper appreciation of the interconnectedness that exists at all levels. Meeting and working with people from across the world, has helped him look at “self” as an instrument of change in various colours and shades ; and its impacts on Human capital, Leadership, Policy making, communication and on society in a larger context. Curious as a cat, he continues to evolve in his awareness. Santosh has done his formal studies in Organization Development (OD) from Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS). He is also formally trained as an Executive Coaching (ICF-accredited), NLP Master Practitioner from NFNLP, Six Sigma Green Belt from Motorola University, and Malcolm Baldridge equivalent model of IMCRBNQA. He is also a Process Work Psychotherapy Associate, having successfully completed his first leg of 2-years studies and training in PW Psychotherapy.

Santosh believes in the learnings from #Nature as being very relevant in organizations, and individuals alike. “Every intervention and growth spaces in an organization, team and individual context are designed to be experiential, practical and sustainable.” 

Santosh actively pursue urban #micro-farming, #composting and #Butterfly gardening in the maximum city of #Mumbai. The learnings from #Nature are re-invested to sharpen his observation skills and towards making “sustainable shifts” in organization awareness. Santosh loves to carry the forests in his heart in all his journeys. 


Satyashiv D'mello 

Lead: Diversity, Culture & Wellbeing, Intergenerational Coach  

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Satyashiv D’mello leads Culture and Diversity at Conscious Development & is the Founder Director of YouUbuntu. 


He is committed to the intent that we are truly empowered only when we empower each another. Satyashiv's work is devoted to facilitating the realization that humanity is an inter-dependent phenomenon, and our well-being - as people, communities, families and planet - is intertwined. Thus, his vision is to inculcate the paradigm of YouUbuntu through the maxim, “I am because we are". 


Satyashiv's work is a part of his own growth. Through YouUbuntu, Satyashiv connects with people and their ecosystems: learning about them, their culture, values, strengths and aspirations. He integrates positive psychology, metaphysics, organisational development and coaching to develop and deliver programs that evoke higher order thinking and action that serve the greater good while meeting individual and collective needs. 


Satyashiv holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Anthropology, and a Master's degree in Positive Organization Development and Change from Case Western Reserve University, USA. He has studied the Science of Coaching Psychology at Harvard University, is certified in Appreciative Inquiry, and is an Advanced Practitioner of the Polarity Approach to Continuity & Transformation.

YouUbuntu collaborates with like-minded organizations and individuals across geographies to be of service and make a difference. The impact it seeks are thriving, mindful individuals and communities that contribute to a flourishing planet.


Sreela Das Gupta 

Senior Visiting Faculty

Non-Executive D&I Advisor 

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Sreela Das Gupta is a Diversity Specialist and currently the Lead for Disability and Neurodiversity at TATA Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd.  

With an MPhil in Population Studies, from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), India, Sreela has worked for over two decades in the development sector, focusing on human rights issues related to gender, social inclusion and public health. Sreela has worked both with rural poor communities as well as with international agencies including CARE, International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW), USAID, UN Women and Centre for Policy Research.  She has equal experience in research, program implementation and policy formulation. 

Sreela was also a Hubert H. Humphrey Fulbright Fellow in 2000-01 -- a mid career fellowship funded by the US Congress. Sreela went to the Tulane School of Public Health for her focus area of study on Gender and Public Health.  

In her current role, she focuses on building an ecosystem inclusive of all diversities, on development of employee resource groups and career growth prospects for employees with disabilities. 

She is strategically engaged with the ILO (International Labour Organization), CII (Confederation of Indian Industries, and Government of India for addressing diversity issues at Global and National levels. 

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Tanisha Jain 

Conscious Development Senior Faculty 

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Tanisha Jain is an entrepreneur, consultant and coach. She is a graduate of Columbia University's Teachers College with a masters in Organizational Psychology. She facilitates transformative experiences for individuals and groups to enable individuals to thrive and live in alignment with themselves and others around them.

Prior to founding her startup, Tanisha served as an Entrepreneur-in-residence for a london based investment advisory firm. She led operations and business development efforts in this role. She has also consulted teams and organizations on establishing inclusive cultures, managing change and bringing equity into processes. Tanisha is now the CEO and Co-founder of TC3, a training and coaching platform making self-development affordable and accessible for the next generation.

Past Clients Include

Mission Driven Startups, NYC Government, Global Non-Profits, Charter Schools, United States Military Academy


Tim Carr 

Conscious Development Senior Faculty 

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Tim Carr loves exploring the potential in a challenge and believes that biases and self limiting beliefs block the road to opportunity. 


He is Business Coach and Executive Education Specialist with over 35 years leading people and teams in some of the most fascinating and exacting environments in the world. He now works internationally with large brands and government organisations as well as with individuals and teams on the front lines of service delivery in broad fields including security, technology, military provision and health care. 

He believes that lack of self awareness and the impact we have on others prevents us from achieving our own potential and inspiring others to do the same. Tim has spent the last five years developing and adapting robust tools in neuroscience, positive psychology and contemporary management theory to make complex concepts accessible for all. 


Tim is an ardent advocate of the impact of powerful questions and creating diversity in leadership. He holds a degree in psychology from the University of Leeds, UK and an executive MBA from the I.E.S.E. Business School, University of Navarra, Spain and is a lay Buddhist practitioner of 30 years.