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Diversity is a secret tool, accessible to all, capable of transforming everything in its ecosystem. Ranging from policy that is enabling to a deep sense of belongingness within an organization, Diversity manifests in many forms capable of creating Businesses with higher profitability and lower attrition, and Cultures in which people are steeped in innovation, collaboration, opportunity and influence.


Here at Conscious Development, not only do we recognize and celebrate all forms of Diversity, but also identify, measure, educate and create scalable and sustainable shifts in organizations to embrace the power of a Diverse Culture. Intent on creating a global culture of acceptance and respect, we do so through a behavioral lens, by leveraging Strength Based Approaches, Mindfulness, Neuroscience & the Polarity Lens, amongst other global and ingenious practices.


At Conscious Development, we recognize Culture as something that is both a creation and a creator. Culture as a creation of the people, and Culture as a creator of the ecosystem that develops mindsets, beliefs, values, behaviors and ultimately a shared reality. This being the case, we look at Culture as something that can be intentionally created by the people of an organization, which in return adds value to their experiences and the functioning of the organizational system.


Whether it be, a Culture of collaboration or wellbeing or strong leadership, it can be created by attending to different facets of an organization simultaneously, ranging from its people to its policy. Here at Conscious Development, we leverage a systemic view of Culture in order engage, inspire and co-create sustainable initiatives that assist you in developing the Culture your organization desires and aspires for.

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