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Culture is invisible, yet all-pervading. Transforming culture is one of the most daunting challenges an organization can undertake. As business models change, organizations have to embrace values like innovation and agility in order to survive and thrive. This calls for a culture that nurtures flexible mind-sets, unlearning old practices and embracing new behaviors at every level. It cannot be achieved by executive mandate or demanding compliance.


We partner with organizations to motivate people to integrate new norms and translate ideals into action. Our approach leverages the inter-dependence of Continuity and Transformation, and Challenge and Support as the basis for effective, sustainable change.


Story-telling to Drive Culture Shift

Story-telling to Drive Culture Shift:

Organisational performance has never been more dependent on the culture in place to support innovation and growth. Culture is built on the stories that shape and sustain ‘the way we do things around here’. Culture change is more likely to succeed when people draw inspiration from compelling stories that illustrate the organisation’s purpose and living values. How do we make that happen?


Our story-driven approach to culture shift engages people’s hearts and minds in an inspiring narrative that emotionally engages them in the wider strategic journey. When done astutely, Story-telling can build an agile culture of continuous learning where teams learn from each other, are cognitively flexible and align themselves to a shared destination.

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