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Senior Faculty & Lead: Integral Psychology & Psychotherapy 

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Margot has a unique perception of human nature and consciousness that brings new meaning and depth to individuals and organizations. Over 30 years of research and practice in Integral Psychology, Margot has observed that above and beyond all human drives is the drive for evolving toward living in harmony with our Essence or inner self. This quest is expressed according to each individual’s nature and evolution. When fulfilled, it leads to a greater sense of meaning and congruence in our lives and livelihoods, resulting in a greater vision, understanding and corresponding way of being in the world and the workplace.


Margot works with organizations to re-vision and transform every level of the developmental process from the ground up providing her clients with new concepts, methodologies, strategies and people skills that respond to and nourish our deep, underlying need and desire for evolution. She applies her unique vision and skill set to coaching, consulting, teaching, seminar facilitation, public speaking and psychotherapy practice.

Margot began her professional practice as a psychotherapist in 1985. Since that time she has trained in extensive Humanistic and Transpersonal techniques and gained her Master of Arts in Humanistic Counseling at University of Durham, UK in 1997. For over 30 years, Margot has been dedicated to personal and professional exploration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of human consciousness. Her search has involved both research and experience of many psychological and spiritual traditions, experiential therapies, coaching techniques as well as Eastern meditation and yoga.

Margot has a rich multicultural perspective. Originally from the USA, she has lived and worked for extended periods in the USA, Europe and India, where she currently resides. Her client base extends to over 15 countries. She speaks fluent French and has a working knowledge of Italian and Hindi.

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