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Satyashiv D’mello is the Lead for Diversity, Inclusion & Belongingness at Conscious Development, a Human Development Organization for Business & Community Impact. He is the Founder Director of YouUbuntu, the Wellbeing arm of Conscious Development. 


Satyashiv lives the maxim that we are truly empowered only when we empower each other. His work is devoted to facilitating the realization that humanity is an inter-dependent phenomenon, and our well-being - as people, organizations, communities, families and planet - is intertwined. Thus, his vision is to inculcate the paradigm of Conscious Development YouUbuntu through the maxim, “I am because we are". 

 Satyashiv's work is a part of his own growth. Through his individual and systemic work at Conscious Development, Satyashiv connects with people and their ecosystems: learning about them, their culture, values, strengths, aspirations and building ingenious pathways to allow change to take root.


He integrates positive psychology, metaphysics, neuroscience, organisational development and coaching to develop and deliver programs and solutions that evoke higher order thinking and action that serve the greater good while meeting individual and collective needs. Within the wellbeing offerings, he leads a team of devoted individuals that offer their time and expertise to work in underprivileged societies across India. Ladakh, Punjab and Mumbai being amongst others. 


Satyashiv holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Anthropology, and a Master's degree in Positive Organization Development and Change from Case Western Reserve University, USA. He has studied the Science of Coaching Psychology at Harvard University, is certified in Appreciative Inquiry, and is an Advanced Practitioner of the Polarity Approach to Continuity & Transformation.

He is a personal development and intergenerational coach, with a passion for positive psychology, metaphysics, neuroscience, spirituality and adult development, amongst other things that evoke higher order thinking and action into his coaching process. 


Through his work, he envisages a world of thriving mindful individuals that contribute to a flourishing planet.

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