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Our guiding principles are the beliefs with which we work, also making it the path we take for our own individual and collective development. Embracing this duality is what equips us to be the work we do. 


We categories our guiding principles at the individual and organization level, drawing a connection between the whole and its many essential parts. 


  • Development is a lifelong process 

  • Human beings have an innate motivation to grow.

  • Adult Development is a conscious activity and needs to be deliberately designed, rather than a purely unconscious and responsive one.

  • There are different stages of Mental Complexity - everyone is not in the same place at the same time, insisting that authentic and sustainable development is an intentional and mindfully carved process. 

  • Who we are IS how we work 

  • Organizations cannot develop without tapping into the individual’s need to grow

  • A proactive approach to development can build the maturity and agility of the workforce

  • Challenge and Support go hand in hand

  • Conflict and Crisis can be constructive 

  • Capability and Capacity are inter-related

Informed by Research 

Drawing upon Neuroscience

Strengths-based approach and Positive Psychology

Inside-out Perspective

Customized to context 

Sustainable and scalable methodologies 

Measurable: RoE / RoI



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