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In a world of paradox and unrelenting disruption, Leaders have to elevate their mindset beyond conventional thinking like ‘problems are to be solved’ and ‘challenges are to be overcome’. In the drive for simplification and quick results, they could end up mis-diagnosing issues and making false choices. 


How do we enable them to integrate diverse perspectives? 

How do we help them avoid repetitive cycles of ‘fixes that fail’? 

How do we help them to see more so they can do more?



The Polarity Lens introduces a new paradigm in leadership thinking. It enables Leaders to see the landscape differently, enhancing their vision and effectiveness. Polarities (also known as Paradox) are inter-dependent competencies, values, strengths or objectives that support each other in achieving a greater purpose. 


The Polarity Lens helps Leaders evolve transformational breakthroughs, rather than settle for transactional solutions.

Re-booting Leadership Thinking through the Power of Paradox

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