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A world with COVID, is a world forever changed. Investing in building psychological wellbeing into our daily life has become a priority. Come attend this 1.5 hour webinar on how language can play a role in creating wellbeing at the workplace.



- Oona Shambhavi (Lead for Organisational Development & Appreciative Inquiry - Conscious Development (USA & India) & Creative Coach & Conversationalist ) 

- Satyashiv D'mello (YouUbuntu, Lead for Well-being, Culture & Diversity - Conscious Development (USA & India) & Personal Development & Intergenerational Coach ) 




Price is inclusive of 18% GST


Appreciative Language for Psychological Wellbeing at Work

  • Thursday, March 25th 

  • 5:00-6:30pm IST 

    (90 min Duration)

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