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Human connection is the key to personal and professional success. We often take communication for granted, without knowing the impact of language. Language holds the power to create an inclusive environment and can exclude those in our immediate influence.


In this webinar we learn about the various nuances of communication, its impact, Do's & Don'ts and how we can use language as a powerful tool to build inclusivity.



- Oona Shambhavi (Lead for Organisational Development & Appreciative Inquiry - Conscious Development (USA & India) & Creative Coach & Conversationalist ) 

- Satyashiv D'mello (YouUbuntu, Lead for Well-being, Culture & Diversity - Conscious Development (USA & India) & Personal Development & Intergenerational Coach ) 




Price is inclusive of 18% GST


Inclusive Language

  • Tuesday, March 30th 

  • 5:00-8:00pm IST 

    (180 min Duration)

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