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Leaders need to raise their game to navigate a business environment that’s increasingly volatile and hyper-complex. To survive and thrive, they have to elevate their thinking beyond simplistic views where ‘problems are to be solved’, ‘challenges are to be overcome’ and ‘finding the right solution ensures success’.


However, in a world of Paradox, there are no easy answers. Inability to see patterns can cause them to mis-diagnose issues and repeatedly experience ‘fixes that fail’.


The Webinar presents a unique and practical method to harness the wisdom of Paradox so that leaders can enhance their leadership quotient, add value to strategy, and build long term competitive advantage.




Bosco D'mello, (Chief Executive & Lead Consultant - Conscious Development (USA & India) & Executive Coach




Price is inclusive of 18% GST


The Wisdom of Paradox: Strategic Thinking in a Hypercomplex

  • Thursday, April 15th

  • 6:00-9:00pm IST 

    (180 min Duration)

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