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Capacity Building

Leadership in dynamic and successful organizations is much more than a charismatic, visionary CEO or a small group of top performers. The nature of today’s business environment demands leadership at every level of the organization. Therefore, the ability to lead—to inspire, guide and teach others—is a capability that must cascade through the organization. As organizations grow, their ambitions are often undermined by a leadership deficit. However, the gap between performance and potential can be bridged through targeted capability building programs.


Our interventions create measurable and sustainable improvement in leadership behaviour and skills to support an organization’s ambitions and its leadership pipeline.


Building Cognitive Flexibility to create greater Value

Building Cognitive Flexibility to create greater Value:

Innovation is about ‘creating value’ for the customer and for oneself. But that’s easier said than done. People close to the action are best placed to see opportunities for value creation, but they are often ill-equipped to find solutions to challenges that are too complex for their current level of thinking. Organizations thus need to help their people build a mind-set for value creation. The starting point is Cognitive Flexibility: a lens through which people can ‘see more’, so they can ‘do more’.


Our programs help build Cognitive Flexibility so that people develop the ability to think in multiple paradigms, imagine new concepts that break free of rigid moulds, and evolve unique solutions. They provide invaluable tools to create superior outcomes in the face of complexity.

From Emotional Intelligence to Engagement 


From Emotional Intelligence to Engagement 


As leaders assume greater responsibility in organizations, they need to build the capacity to engage with people beyond the transactional, work with conflict, and engage different personality types to get results. While Emotional Intelligence is crucial to building relationships and successfully navigating change, it is also a paradox: how do leaders build empathetic connection without compromising performance? How do they get results without burning people out?


Our programs transform Emotional Intelligence into Engagement Intelligence for  business impact. They help leaders lead strongly, navigating the paradox of task and relationship, compassion and accountability to build a sustainable foundation for high-performing relationships.

Going Deep & Different with 360 Design Thinking

Going Deep & Different with 360 Design Thinking:

Conventional problem-solving follows a predictable approach: pinpoint the problem, analyse the causes, define the solution, execute well and hope for the desired result. But what if the problem identified isn’t the real problem? What if the steps defined don’t lead to the right solution? That’s where Design Thinking makes a difference. Rather than start with the problem, Design Thinking starts with understanding the customer’s context, taking a human-centred approach to innovation that translates observation into usable insights.


We make Design Thinking practical, equipping people with the knowledge and skills necessary to think deep and different, so they can identify the real constraints and insights through strong questioning and enhance the quality of the solution.

Managing Conflict Consciously

Managing Conflict Consciously:

How employees deal with conflict (or don’t) costs the organization heavily in terms of money, morale and competitive advantage. It is well documented that employees who work together and can express their opinions, even when they are dissenting, make for a better and stronger organization.  How do they understand themselves better in terms of their default mode of conflict, recognize others’ default modes of conflict and make those difficult conversations easier or perhaps not needed at all?


Our programs helps participants understand their mental models and triggers so they can manage conflict constructively, and learn how to leverage the creative tension that comes from opposing view-points.

Creating a Mindset for Innovation

Creating a Mindset for Innovation:

Every business, big or small, is feeling the impact of globalization and technology-driven change. Indeed, in the current volatile business environment, organizations must either innovate or perish. Every organization wants its people to be innovative, but conventional mind-sets and organizational structures perpetuate the status quo and thus thwart innovation. For innovation to take root, people must first and foremost develop a mind-set that is open to disruption at a very personal level.


Our Programs enables participants to understand what innovation is, the mind-set that fosters innovation, and what they can do to create an environment and culture where they and their teams can flourish.

Navigating the Paradox of Change Management

Navigating the Paradox of Change Management:

Organizations design elaborate Change Management plans to transition from the current state to the desired state. Yet, theory often trumps practice: most Change Management initiatives fail to achieve the desired results. The real challenges to effective Change often lie below the surface and the organizations spend huge amounts of time trying to generate buy-in and overcoming inertia or resistance. The paradox of Change Management is that ‘focussing too much on what you want will get you less of what you want and more of what you don’t want’.


The Program enables Change Agents to understand the hidden issues and mind-sets that can derail Change initiatives, and devise strategies to engage both allies and opponents in generating buy-in for Change.

A Quantum Leap in Leadership Coaching with the Polarity Lens

A Quantum Leap in Leadership Coaching with the Polarity Lens:

Leaders and Coaches need to constantly fine-tune their approach in response to continuously changing environments. In a world of paradox, where there are no simple answers, Leaders cannot afford fixes that fail. They have to move beyond a simplistic view of ‘problems to be solved’ and ‘right solutions to be found’. To help Leaders be effective in a complex world, Coaches need to help them see the landscape very differently.


Our Programs leverages the power of Polarity (also known as paradox) to create a new paradigm: seeing tensions through the Polarity Lens uncovers dynamic new perspectives. Coaching with the Polarity Lens provides tools for Leaders to make transformational breakthroughs: in their own decisions and responses, in enhancing individual and organizational performance, and in creating cultures that foster innovation and growth.

Powerful Executive Presence

Powerful Executive Presence:

Powerful Executive Presence is about creating an ‘inside-out’ dynamic that strengthens Leaders, engages clients and employees and fast-tracks organizational initiatives. It’s not just about appearing confident, but about cultivating personal balance, more effective ways of thinking, and alignment and positivity under pressure. 


We facilitate exploration of the tangibles and intangibles of personal presence that impact  interactions with multiple stakeholders. Self-reflection, communication skills and establishing rapport through listening and empathy are some of the areas covered in our Programs.

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