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Diversity & Deliberate Inclusion

As organizations become global networks, gender, religious, generational, physical and other types of diversities have become a business reality. Diversity is no longer a ‘program’ to be managed, but a strategic imperative that touches issues of corporate brand value, innovation, human rights and even social justice. Research shows that organizations with inclusive management practices generate up to 30 percent higher revenue per employee and greater profitability than their competitors.


We help build diversity of thought, and partner organizations in multi-faceted efforts to embed Diversity & Deliberate Inclusion within their culture. Our approach enhances ownership and accountability amongst leaders at all levels to close the gap between what is said and actual impact. This reduces room for unconscious and explicit biases to play out at the cost of meritocracy and performance.


The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion

The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion:

Organizations are increasingly recognizing not only the need, but also the benefits of Diversity & Inclusion. The current business and social environment is focused on 360 degree perspectives and the imperative to create inclusive cultures for a healthy and productive workplace. This need often clashes with rigid mindsets and possibly even the existing culture, leading to ineffective Diversity & Inclusion measures. But the need is real, whether examining issues regarding gender, socio-economic status, education, LBGT, non-dominant cultures, age, personality type, to name a few.


Our Programs enables people to appreciate that Diversity & Inclusion are key to sustained growth and leadership. The goal is to move beyond acceptance through awareness and then on to inclusiveness through actions that support the fullest potential of the employee and thus the organization.

Conscious Leadership for Women Leaders

Conscious Leadership for Women Leaders:

Women leaders have a significant role in transforming organizations, communities and society itself. When male and female leadership principles operate on equal terms in organisations, exceptional results are achieved. The reality, however, is that in today’s context, the male leadership style is still prevalent. Marginalization of ‘female leadership qualities’ is harmful for female and male leaders, and for the organization as a whole. To ensure wholesome growth in a complex future, organizations need to integrate masculine and feminine values, and leverage the best of both gender styles.

Our Programs enhance women leaders’ leadership quotient and provide them insights to make purposeful choices to expand their impact. They create the space for deep reflection and support women leaders in their journey to develop and discover their unique leadership style, integrating, in the process, feminine and masculine paradigms of leadership for a stronger and more complete self.

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