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Emotional Intelligence to Engagement Int

Executive Coaching

Coaching is about being and becoming, about facilitating intentional change from wherever people find themselves: be it the change leaders seek to orchestrate in teams or change that individuals seek in personal or professional life.


Our approach – Conscious Coaching – is a way of transcending and integrating the coachee’s current way of being as the vehicle for change. It is guided by the Gestalt Paradoxical Theory of Change and the Polarity Lens that honour the current reality of a coachee and leverage it as the springboard for transformation. The approach provides a safe container that allows coachees to appreciate where they are, where they are headed, and the journey that’s going to unfold. Conscious Coaching takes strengths-based conversations deeper land helps coachees make decisions wisely and sustainably.


Coaching Consulting

Coaching Consulting:

The workspace is a challenging world of exponential change. Effective responses to these challenges occur when people feel centred amidst ambiguity and are equipped with strategies to help manage complexity – in personal as well as professional life.

We work co-creatively with clients to design Conscious Coaching programs for various levels of leadership in organizations – helping their people identify needs, wants and resistances, and to focus them on potentials and possibilities. Conscious Coaching is an integrated approach: our model considers the inner and outer world of the individual and the interior and exterior dimensions of the groups they participate in. Conscious Coaching is done in an environment of trust, where people can safely explore alternative ways of behaving with no risk to their sense of well-being.

Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching:

Organisations are complex living systems. There are multiple stakeholders interacting with each other, each with their own needs, perspectives and concerns. Getting people to see beyond themselves and/or their teams and appreciate the dynamics of the larger systemic picture is often a challenge.


Systemic coaching works with individuals and teams to link the goals of various stakeholder groups with the larger needs of the organisation – be it building team relationships, achieving a common purpose or cultural transformation. Our approach to systemic coaching offers a framework for exploring and resolving different types of leadership, team and organisational dilemmas, so that new possibilities can be discovered. It helps clients focus on a larger, strategic understanding of root causes and provides pertinent insights and comprehensive, system-wide options and solutions.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching:

Leaders need to constantly enhance their approach and decision-making in response to environments that are changing continuously. In a world of paradox, where there are no simple answers, leaders cannot afford to experience fixes that fail – they have to move beyond a simplistic view of ‘problems to be solved’ and ‘right solutions to be found’.


Leaders can only be effective in a complex world if they can see the landscape differently. Conscious Coaching leverages the power of Polarity (also known as paradox) to create a new paradigm: it views tensions or conflicts through the Polarity Lens to uncover dynamic new perspectives.


Conscious Coaching with the Polarity Lens provides tools for leaders to make transformational breakthroughs – in their own decisions and responses, in enhancing individual and organizational performance, and in creating cultures that foster innovation and growth.

Team / Group Coaching

Team / Group Coaching:

Team and Group coaching are powerful interventions for improved performance, cross-functional collaboration, communication and building relationships in organizations.


We customize each team/group coaching engagement for our clients. Our approach starts out by assessing the needs of the team/group and individuals through a series of conversations focusing on enhanced awareness, goal-setting and accountability. We then tailor coaching with shared goals and an action learning plan, working around styles, strengths, team and organizational values, vision and skill development to help the team/group excel.


We ensure that learning becomes embedded in and relevant to everyday work, and a safe space is created for the team/ group to work together to create solutions that are collectively owned.

Leader as Coach

Leader as Coach:

Leaders wear multiple hats: one of them is to manage their peoples’ performance. Another is to guide their development, so they continue to deliver sustained results. While most leaders are comfortable managing performance, they are less clear about how to develop their people in real time.


Research shows that direct reports transform and grow through a constructive and trusting relationship with their leaders. And, most people want their leaders to develop them and are disappointed when it doesn’t happen.  


Leader as Coach is a powerful way to embed people development in organizational life – it guides leaders in integrating coaching skills into their leadership style. The Leader as Coach Program ensures that people development is not left to chance or consigned to events outside day-to-day work flow. It helps leaders to systematically develop the competencies their organization needs.

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